Man Pajamas In Bathroom Shaving Whilst Young man Watches

What is the best way to shave?

Shaving for many of us is a necessity. The question I get a lot is what is the best shaving cream? To answer this question my answer is, it is not about the cream but about the way you shave. The best way to shave is to use a skin lubricant in the shower. The warm water and steam allow the skin to warm up and the hair to get softer. This goes for faces, legs and other areas. The best shaving product to use on the skin prior to shaving is an oil. This lubricates the skin and the blade as it slides over the skin. There are many cosmetic companies that sell shave oils and other scented products that work. For me the best product for shaving is Baby Oil. It is inexpensive and readily available. The procedure for shaving should be as follows: 1. Shave in the shower near the end of the shower. 2. Put on a small amount of baby oil skin to lubricate the skin and blade. 3. Shave in the direction the hair grows. (Not against the grain). Once done rinse the area but you can leave a thin film on the skin as a daily moisturizer.